Mediation is a way to solve disputes by fulfilling your interests yourself with the assistance of a Empathy expert mediator who drafts a resolution. Empathy three key characteristics

  • voluntary
  • conversation with no strings attached
  • confidential

The mediator does not force an outcome on the parties. Rather people involved decide themselves how to work out their differences. The outcome can be put in a covenant, which finalizes the mediation process. 


  • relations may meet improvement
  • in an wise way completion of a relation
  • avoiding unnecessary damages
  • Empathy.nLaw has the capacity en time for a good meeting
  • confidentiality are guaranteed
  • resolutions will be put into legal contracts
  • Empathy.nLaw knows the Law and translates it into sound words
  • costs are limited and shared equally among participants
  • Empathy.nLaw has specialized LL.D.-mediators for divorcelabor conflicts and harassment incidents.
  • All Empathy mediations are in  accordance to European Standards and the requirements of the ADR-register.

Empathy Law has published many ADR-related handbook The publisher of this publications is Actumail Media. In the ADR shop some of the by Actumail Media published books are listed as an English translation of previous in print published books. If you are interested in the Dutch full publication please check the online shop:

On the website you will find following English publications.

Mediation for Referrers 2005, ISBN 9789078470014

Mediation as Alternative 2014, ISBN 9789078470045

Mediation as Appropriate 2014 ISBN 9789078470007